2018 Love・Binti
Workshop Pads Project

Project Started at February 2018

Love Binti Village Walker Women Empowerment Challenge

In sub-Saharan Africa, over 80% of farm laborers are women, of which most live below the poverty line (with a daily income of US$ 1.9 or less). In such extreme poverty, the cost for monthly sanitary pads becomes a heavy burden.From the girls in extremely poor villages, we see that the lack of sanitary pads may cause interruptions in their studies, possibly missing out on the opportunity to change their lives through education. Love Binti Project has been promoting the handmade reusable sanatary pads for girls, so they can make on their own and stays in school.

For the problem we see we would like to invite the young people that are in University to join our movement to help the less fortune girls around the big city and win a future job position at our NGO in Uganda.

Through the Love Binti Village Walker Women Empowerment Challenge you will be able to fully immerse yourselves into community, work side by side as a women ambassador and embrace the new skills to a new opportunity of a future career at Women NGO.

Who is eligible

Any undergraduate or postgraduate university students.

Key Date


Completion launch


Opening Ceremony


Registration Ends


Uploaded Ends


Announcement of winner


There are 10 different missions,
each missions has its Start Points rank from 1 to 3 ( / / ) further more,
and with crowns ( ) can be done multiple times.
You have to complete three Must Missions on March 3th .

Judging and Evaluation Criteria


Sign Up &
Log In


Choose and arrange your mission time on your own


Log in and upload the mission requirements in to the system


Our panel of International jury will evaluate


Winners will be awarded price money and a future job position

More Steps Information

Within this challenge, you need compete with other opponents, and try to achieve as much as stars points. Whoever gets the higher Star Points have higher chances to win, but jury will also counts other elements (Check the Judging and Evaluation Criteria).

After each mission, you will need to upload to either Facebook or YouTube then upload the link of your finish requirements into our online system. The evaluation will hold at the end of the challenge. The prizes includes: Official certificate from university, Price, opportunity of a future internship, and full time job opportunity.