2018 Workshop Pads Project

Love.Binti Workshop Project Q&A

Q: Who should be the one attending the mandatory training?

A: Only the manager. Important announcements will also be made during the training.

Q: How long does the training take?

A: Around 2.5 to 3 hours. More details will be available after the application is approved. The training time will be complied with the opening hours of Madufafa workshop in Kampala.

Q: Is it fine that we have male members in our team?

A: Of course that it is fine. Welcome to join Love.Binti Workshop!

Q: Can we still apply for the project if our team has no previous experience on sewing and running a workshop?

A: Yes, we will arrange the training for your manager. Please make sure to attend. Practice and training can make up for the lack of experience. You can definitely do a good job if you pay the effort.

Q: How to get in contact with Love.Binti team?

A: Please email to [email protected] using English only. We will reply as soon as possible. Due to the large volume of work, it may take 3 to 5 working days.

How to be apart of the project

Apply online

Fill the application form.


Kampala Madufafa Centre.

MOU Signing

After the review, you will receive the MOU from Love Binti. Applicants need to sign and send the MOU back.

Down payment

Love Binti will transfer $1000 to the NGO (60% of the total investment) per month.


5 people /Day [Cutting + Sewing*2 + Flipping/buttons + packing]
4400 pieces of qualified pads per month. 200pics/ Day


Final Payment

$700 will transfer at the time we receive 4400 pieces of Cloth Pads

If the product is good will continue for the second month.