• Mega Woman Empowerment
    Platform Gathering Seminar

    Together we can help the 1millions girls.

  • Welcome to Join Us!!

    LOVE.BINTI X CANADA Summer 2017

    We are going to Canada this summer!!
    Toronto (August) & Vancouver (September)
    Let us work together & share love to Africa.

  • Summer Pads Collecting

    If you enjoy threads, needles and with a big heart wanted to give back.
    We welcome you to join our movement. Through the Reusable pads,
    we are able to bring the love and the care to Africa.

  • Love Binti X Summer Collecting

    Reusable Pad Making 3.0 version

    Through the instructions,
    Sew the Pad with love and share with African Girls.

About Love・Binti

Love・Binti is a project promoting and teaching the use of reusable sanitary pads for girls in Africa.


Education is the key to leave poverty; Love Binti wants every girl to stay in school while on their period. Grow up happily and learn without worries.


Life of a mother been transformed will directly transform a family. Children's education level is based on mother's income, mother's perspective and mother's ability.


Empowering girl by understanding their value and boosting their self-confidence. Break the stereotype and chase their dreams.


Run away while you are young!

It is our mission and passion to serve the world's forgotten people who are living in unspeakable poverty in comparison to those of us in Canada. This project we care Affrica's extreme poverty. To help the Affrican community to improve the basic life, cover the classroom, school education to change the future competitiveness, digging wells to solve the clean water, the establishment og social enterprises to help poorest areas of self-reliance.


Project Results





Project Results





Project Results





financial plan

We put everyone’s love together little by little and it will become the biggest blessing to Africa. The Love Binti project will systems as below to assist more girls efficiently

  • 50%Build up workshop
  • 19%Material cost
  • 16%Project execution fee
  • 9%Africa girl scholarship
  • 6%Feedback gift
  • Build up workshop
  • Material cost
  • Project execution fee
  • Africa girl scholarship
  • Feedback gift

Sponsor Love・Binti

Story was once told; girls try to get pads by having sexual relationship with grown man. This action exposes a great danger of getting AIDS for these girls. With reusable pads not only can help the inconvenience every month but it is also the key for these girl to stay in school.


To support African girls & assist African women to start a new career.


In many works in Africa, “Love Biniti” project is more than just make the pads. We see girls here can learn a life, learning knowledge to change their life and world to make real differences.



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